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Blockchain technology as a hedge against inflation - Article Review

Vietnamese citizens have, throughout history, preferred using other national currencies such as the United States dollar during times of economic turmoil and hyperinflation. In recent years, Vietnamese people have also been accumulating assets such as gold to hedge against inflation.

At some point in the past decade, the Vietnamese citizens held as much as 400 tons of gold. Of course, the emergence of cryptocurrencies has also led to more Vietnamese citizens using them to hedge against inflation instead of tangible assets such as gold.

While the Vietnamese central bank has warned individuals and institutions against dealing in virtual currencies due to their mercurial nature, dwindling faith in the Vietnamese dong has led to more Vietnamese investors turning to digital currencies. According to data derived from Statista, Bitcoin (BTC), which is widely used by investors as a hedge against inflation, is currently the most popular cryptocurrency in the country.

The report reveals that search interest in the country for the prime cryptocurrency stands at about 84.5% relative to other cryptocurrencies. Crypto adoption in Vietnam is set to persist as more Vietnamese discover the convenience and possibilities of digital assets. Extensive regulations, however, appear to be a long way off. The State Bank of Vietnam has until 2023 to study the pros and cons of cryptocurrencies and come up with policy recommendations.

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