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How the South Korean Government Has Supported Blockchain?

With the upcoming event “Korea Blockchain Week” in Seoul, it is exciting to see how South Korea, a giant in the technology and innovation industry, has adopted and benefited from the use of blockchain. The Asian country has long been an early adopter of new technology, and the national culture stimulates people to embrace new technological innovations and opportunities.

The South Korean government has been very supportive of the use of blockchain, by introducing a tax deduction for companies developing the technology, by developing a public program for Blockchain education, and by investing $9 million in 6 different blockchain pilot programs.

The encouragement from the South Korean government to blockchain programs and the country's hunger for innovation are very special. In fact, those are things other countries should look up to and learn from. These ideals and values are exactly what Tiger Cities stand for – we believe when governments create proper and adequate public policy, technology has a fruitful environment to thrive in. Give the article below a full read, it’s worth it!

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