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Private-public partnerships in blockchain industry

Blockchain is a distributed, unchangeable database that streamlines the tracking of assets and the recording of transactions inside a certain network. Blockchain creates new cost-saving efficiencies while enhancing the traceability, security, reliability, and transparency of data shared over this network.

Southeast Asia, particularly, may stand to gain the most from blockchain's potential for development compared to any other area. It has a high internet penetration rate of 58 percent as a region. And South Korea stands out amongst the countries in the region. Given with the high availability of high-speed internet, it is no surprise that 93 percent of the people in the Asian nation use the internet and 91 percent of the population has access to mobile connectivity. That’s why we have been observing an increasing number of private-public partnerships for technological developments in the country, which no doubly will have positive implications for blockchain adoption there.

The idea of private-public partnerships is to use the know-how and infrastructure already developed by established companies and build systems suitable to the governments` goals.

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