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Review Asia Times - Blockchain could enhance protection of police records

"Blockchain technology could help government agencies simplify managing, accessing, using, and securing sensitive data. [...] By protecting data on who owns, accesses, or uses them, blockchain can revolutionize the security of police records. The information-technology (IT) departments of government security agencies can create rules and algorithms predefining conditions of use by a third party trying to access a set of information sitting in a blockchain."

Amazing new article on Asia Times promoting yet again a new beneficial facet of blockchain technology. Tiger Cities sees the widespread application of the asset as extremely beneficial since it has the potential to introduce a more effective way and secure way to handle data and a whole range of transactions, from payments, to derivatives, settlement, securities, trade finance and more.

We promote that blockchain would be able to thrive if proper regulations were in place. By ensuring a higher level of investor and consumer protection, market integrity in this sector in Asia will help to push fly-by-night crypto operations as well as fraudsters out of the market while simultaneously promoting all the benefits that come along with the technology, stimulating the growth of the industry. So we invite you to come and read our website for additional information on blockchain, crypto and regulations.

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